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But First, What is prototype?


Do you want to manufacture products? Do you have a great idea? Therefore you can imagine your product in your head but how would you know the viability, functionality or reliability? Can you provide a basic structure before the actual product is made?  The answer to all of the above questions is the word prototype. P  rototype is the first creation of your product Before giving a final touche or before starting commercial production. you need to create a prototype of the idea that you are going to turn into reality. We may also term prototype as a sample or a simulation of the real product/component that you are going to manufacture.

In this article, I shall give an insight into prototype and the necessary steps for producing a sample or prototype.  With a prototype, we validate the design of the real product. It is the first step to bring a practical idea or a concept into physical shape and form. We may call it a preliminary version of a product.

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7 simple steps to build a prototype

  • Think of an idea or concept.

  • Write the description and plan.

  • Sketch your idea on a piece of paper.

  • Create 3D design and modeling for it. 

  • Create a virtual sample.

  • Create the functional sample.

  • Search for a manufacturer (if you want to make more).

What is the Specifications


Now you have an idea just need to be more specific. Set your priorities and think about the nature of your product, then try to come up with best plan to make your prototype. Size and shape also matter a lot. One component cannot perform all functions. Here are some more factors you need to consider:


  • Get a deep into the simplicity or complexity of your product concept.

  • Have you yourself to experienced the product and make sure nothing is missing.

  • Find trusted people around you and try to pick up their brain and opinions on your product.

  • Is this your final product or needs to be improve, upgrade, redesign or remake?


Functional prototype

You surely have an idea when you are here to learn about the prototype. Whether it is a planned, design, 3D design or just a concept on your mind. Now you need to take a step further. Your rough concept needs to be turned into a physical prototype. Here we are going to mention few matters to be look into when you make a fully functional prototypes.

Important matters

  • Choose the right materials.

  • Create a animation of your design.

  • Try design  different version of  each component. 

  • Study every possible problems that can happen on your product later on.

  • Test your primary prototype several times.

Details and hand sketch

The first thing you need to do is giving a physical structure to your idea. You have to write down all the details and visualize all aspects of the real product. make a hand sketch, This sketch may have all the features of your conceptual design. You should have three descriptions of your ideal 3d design:

  • Write down all the details and give a complete description of your idea. 

  • Make the first sketch with all the details the physical aspects of the product. It must give an overview of the shape and design of your would-be product.

  • The second sketch should be about the technical aspects of the product design. Its material, dimensions, and functionality.

Make a 3D models of your prototype

It is a smart step. You have to convert your handwritten concept and drawings into a 3D CAD design. It may give you and your prospective investors or manufacturer a chance to have a visual look at the product in a better way. 

You may use augmented reality technology to see the product in a real situation. 

Feel free to contact us, our 3D designers can help you to create a perfect 3D model of your product.

Shaping and proving the concept

Now we are turning to give physical shape and building the product prototype. There are a lot of things that count for giving reality to an idea. If you have developed a 3D model of the product, you may can use this to study and shape the design and make it perfect.


Advanced motorcycle prototype on display, highlighting engineering precision and design innovation

Final prototype

Now you need to create a final prototype of the final product design. Now you turn your prototype into a last product type thing. It is the final step in this respect. A lot of things are needed to be done for this purpose:

7 steps to create a final prototype

  • Start the procedure of analyzing the prospective expenditures and feasibility

  • Get through every aspect of the prototype and study that is there is anything contradictory to your objectives.

  • Analyze price and costs.

  • Don’t compromise its functionality for making it cheaper.

  • Improve its aesthetics and longevity.

  • Create a balance between costs and quality.

  • Find a manufacturer to produce it, or use rapid prototype technology. 

Hoss design USA is here to help you with prototype and make it all easy for you. give us a call today.

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