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1975 E Sunrise Blvd Unit 827, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33304, USA

+1 786-290-3420


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be a trusted Long-term partner in finding solutions for our customers.

Vision Statement

Hoss design USA vision is to provide a variety range of CAD and Prodcut Design Services that is suited to your needs.

Our services help individuals and businesses take their concept product idea from initial design to final product through our expertise and cost saving methods.

 Our policy

  1. All drawings and designs done by Hoss Design USA LLC are custom made and unique therefore you will fully own the drawings and designs. Further to that Hoss Design USA LLC will not share and/or disclose the same to any third party. Hoss Design USA LLC lays no claim of ownership in your idea/design/prototype. Hoss Design USA LLC only actualizes your idea as per your wishes and does not claim any form of ownership whatsoever. Hoss Design USA LLC embarks on actualizing your idea while placing reliance on your instructions. Based on the foregoing, the prototype is done in conformity with the functionality of the design upon which it is handed over to you for free without any additional charges. Further to that, Hoss Design USA LLC does not claim any ownership on the prototype as it’s your idea/design. You acknowledge that you are liable and/or responsible for usage of the prototype. In addition to that, you agree to indemnify Hoss Design USA LLC from any liability and/or responsibility that may be associated with your idea/design/prototype.


  1. Any work that you give to Hoss Design USA LLC will be regarded as strictly confidential information and will remain yours forever since Hoss Design USA LLC’s sole job is to design and hand it over to you in digital format. Hoss Design USA LLC does not claim any partnership or any future payments or any percentage at all. Both the idea and design belong to you 100% during and after completion of the assignment.


Disclaimer: Hoss design USA LLC is only offering design services, we don’t offer manufacturing or engineering services.

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