At Hoss design USA we offer Computer-aided design, commonly known as 3D CAD, it is used to create virtual 2D /3D models in a computer, 2D CAD designs are mostly used for technical engineering or architecture, however 3D CAD designs and models can be used in variety of  industries, such as, prototype development, inventing a product, text books, tooling design, machine design, marine design, marine custom parts, 3D metal printing and many more.

Our 3d CAD designers and CAD drafting department can provide the most up to date 3D CAD designing service in south Florida, please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


Reverse engineering


Whatever you want made, we can figure it out.

 At Hoss design USA we use the most up to date methods for reverse engineering. We can reverse engineer any part or component by using 3D CAD design technology. Our reverse engineering department offers one of the best reverse engineering services in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida area. Please contact us for any inquiry. 


Special Tools Just for You


Do you need a tool to make your work faster or easier?   Get it made specially for your work.

Have you been working with a tool that doesn’t really do the work?  would you like to have a specially made tool, but you decided not to do it when you heard the price?  Our mechanical  designers can design a suitable machine, tooling, hoist or hooks or any other mechanical component, and that help you do your work faster. Surprise!  WE can help you get it made and keep it affordable for you.  

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Service for Inventors


Are you an inventor? Do you have an idea about a product that you have never had a chance to turn into reality?

 Hoss design USA is not a remote online company, we are a USA based company located in fort Lauderdale, south Florida, we can meet you face to face to help you design your product/invention and make a prototype using different technology such as 3d CAD design and 3D metal printing for you. After having a prototype, we can either help you to manufacture your invention or introduce your inventions/prototype to a developer Company. we can help you to register your invention, give you free consultation for Patent Referral. Create 3D Animation or make rapid Prototype Models of your invention. We can also help you attend trade shows. Your future product is waiting for us to get to work on. Feel free to contact us for any inquiry.



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