Experience excellence in 3D CAD design with our services. At the forefront of technological innovation, our 3D CAD design is instrumental in creating impeccable virtual models, both in 2D and 3D formats. While 2D CAD designs are quintessential for architectural blueprints and technical engineering, our 3D CAD designs open doors to a plethora of industries. Whether it’s prototype development, product invention, educational textbooks, tooling design, machinery schematics, marine layouts, custom marine components, or 3D printing, our versatile 3D CAD design services have got you covered. Our team of proficient 3D CAD designers and drafters are equipped with cutting-edge tools and insights, making us the premier choice for 3D CAD designing services in South Florida. Reach out to us with your queries and envision your ideas taking shape with precision and expertise. Elevate your projects to new heights with our state-of-the-art 3D CAD design services.                                                           

3D design visualization of a smart robotic hand, representing the fusion of engineering and innovation in creating lifelike robotic appendages

3D CAD Services


Whatever you want made, we can figure it out.

At our company, we take pride in offering top-tier 3D CAD services that stand out in terms of precision, efficiency, and innovation. Through our 3D CAD services, we create detailed and highly accurate three-dimensional models, ensuring that every aspect of the client’s vision is captured meticulously. These models are integral for clients to assess and visualize their designs, making it possible to make informed decisions and refinements. Our team of experts is adept at leveraging the latest technologies, ensuring that our 3D CAD services are always at the forefront of the industry, providing clients with unmatched quality and performance in their product development journey. Please contact us for any inquiry. 


Revolutionary smart refrigerator concept in 3D design by Hoss Design USA, featuring cutting-edge technology for optimized food storage and management
Detailed 3D CAD design of a robot arm, featuring dynamic grip tools, representing cutting-edge technology in object handling and manipulation

Special 3D Tools Just for You


Do you need a tool to make your work faster or easier?   Get it made specially for your work.

Have you been working with a tool that doesn’t really do the work?  Would you like to have a specially made tool, but you decided not to do it when you heard the price?  Our team of adept 3D CAD design and mechanical experts are at your service to craft impeccable designs for machines, tooling, hoists, hooks, or any other mechanical component you require. Through our 3D CAD design capabilities, we enable you to visually inspect and analyze the design in detail on your computer, facilitating a more efficient workflow. But that’s not all – we go the extra mile! Not only do we excel in 3D CAD design, but we also assist in bringing your design to fruition through manufacturing, while ensuring it remains affordable for you. 

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3D CAD Service for Inventors


Are you an inventor? Do you have an idea about a product that you have never had a chance to turn into reality?

 Hoss design USA is not a remote online company, we are a USA based company located in Fort Lauderdale, south Florida, we can meet you face-to-face to help you 3D CAD design your product/invention and make a prototype using different technology such as 3d CAD design and 3D printing for you. Once you have a prototype in hand, our 3D CAD design service extends far beyond the design phase. We are here to either help you in manufacturing your invention or connecting you with the right developer companies. Additionally, our 3D CAD design and 3d scanning service is your ally in ensuring your invention is properly registered and safeguarded. With our knack for creating visually captivating 3D animations or swiftly developing prototype models, we offer a multifaceted approach to bringing your invention to life. Our support even extends to empowering you to make a splash at trade shows. Your future product is an untapped well of potential, just waiting for our 3D CAD design service to unleash its full capacity. Please don’t hesitate to  contact us for any inquiries.



Close-up of a 3D CAD render of a smart men's trimmer, highlighting AI-enabled sensors and cutting technology for an effortless shave.

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