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Hoss Design USA is a distinguished US-based AI-driven consultancy firm specializing in a wide range of multidisciplinary design services. Our talented team of product designers is dedicated to crafting an impressive variety of CAD drawings and 3D CAD designs, ensuring the highest quality in every project.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in product design, 3D modeling, and cutting-edge AI services that elevate our clients’ visions to new heights. Our commitment to innovation and creativity ensures that we deliver exceptional solutions tailored to each project’s unique requirements.

At Hoss Design USA, we believe in harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize the design landscape, providing our clients with extraordinary results while streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities of design through the synergy of human creativity and AI-driven technology.

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this car was designed by Ai

If You Imagine It, We 3D Design It.

We Fabricate It.


"Years ago, if I wanted to make a better brake light lens for my grandpa's antique motorcycle, I would have had to spend thousands of dollars to make a mold.

Today, “AutoCAD 3D” drafters using powerful AutoCAD software which has revolutionized the world of “3D modeling” and metal printing has changed this process!"

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Product Design 

Do you need to remake a part ? we can re produce a 3D design/3D CAD design  of a component

Or maybe you have an unreliable product that needs an improvement. We can help you improve its quality, reduce its cost or make it function better.

Our experienced AutoCAD 3D technicians will redraw it, using modern 3D scanner or manual methods on CAD 3D modeling software. 



Metal 3d Printer
3d Printing Services South Florida

            3D CAD Design & 3D Modeling

Do you need a tool, jig, fixture or a machine to improve your production process or make your work safer, faster and easier?

We can help you make a “3D modeling” of your sketch using “AutoCAD 3D”, and have it made for you.



Invention Services for Inventors

Do you have an idea to make a product?

Do you have a concept in mind that you need to bring to life and get it ready for manufacturing or prototyping?

Are you an inventor with an idea that needs developed?

We assist inventors with their inventions and ideas.

                                                          Manual Creation Service

Product instruction manual/owner’s manual/technical manual is as important as the product itself; it will instruct your customers on how to use the product and what to do if repairs are needed later. An owner’s manual provides customers and operators with details on where to purchase spare parts. We’ll create a professional user manual which contains a section for part list, including all part numbers and how to order parts from your company in future. By taking advantage of our creativity in 3D design and modeling, we deliver a well designed instruction manual to fit your needs.

If you plan to create an owner’s manual, technical manual, instruction manual, product part list, user guide, drawing booklet or instructional book,

 please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our manual creation specialists.

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