What is Reverse Engineering?


Are you interested in improving a mechanical component or device ? Do you want to hire a reverse engineering service for the purpose? Do you want to learn about reverse engineering? Or you just want to find out on how reverse engineering professionals can help you for your engineering needs? well, this article is all about reverse engineering services. Reverse engineering is creating CAD and detailed models from existing material or a physical part. When you want some improvement in existing design and product and you have not sufficient CAD drawing for internal designs, you will surely go for reverse engineering.

Why reverse engineering?

Simply because its possible to accumulate data from a physical product or component. You may use this data to troubleshoot issues, reproduce or analyze. You can also use this date to upgrade the old design to a new design or study purposes. The good thing is that once you have this date from reverse engineering you can keep it for future applications and enhancement purposes. Engineers usually use reverse engineering data constantly to update their 3D CAD models.

Reverse Engineering Process

You must have an understanding on how components and assemblies working together. its important to have reverse engineering knowledge on how functional component of a machine or any product can operates better. It is the backbone of reverse engineering. Just duplication of physical elements is not enough, and you must have a complete insight into the interaction with surrounding components of the overall system. If you are skilled enough, then you know the proper tolerance stacking information. Now that you have the basic knowledge on reverse engineering feel free to give us a call for any inquire 

Here is how we do it:

  • Have meeting with our customer and discuss details.
  • Study the component. 
  • Figure out on how actual product work.
  • Verifying the efficiency of the product.
  • Complete insight into design intent and cover all basics of component design.
  • Gather enough data and plan on how to reverse engineer the component.
  • Use precise instruments to masseur all the dimensions.
  • Create an 3D CAD model from precise data.
  • Make a sample part and use CMM to insure the quality.
  • Solving problems 
  • Combination of all data and assessment for improvement.


What reverse engineering service do we offer? 

We cover the areas of mechanical, electro-mechanical reverse engineering.  We handle the hard part of the project by studying the components to provide excellent reverse engineering and innovative services. We also provide material and surface analysis through our network and local suppliers.


    Digitizing all Components 

    We have access to metro-logy laboratory where we digitize and assemble parts in extensive temperature. This laboratory is fitted with versatile and comprehensive range contact and non-contact measurement tools. We also perform an onsite data collection process if needed. Our skilled staff is an expert in each aspect of reverse engineering and data collection process. They have complete knowledge of available components and required parts. They are experts in data collection, whether it is onsite or in a laboratory. We have seasoned professionals in designing, cad engineering, and data handling areas. We have all the instruments and gauges available with us. That is why our customers rely on us for reverse engineering services.

    Some other services we offer:

    • Laser scanning
    • 3D low tolerance scanning 
    • Structured light scanning
    • Long-range laser scanning
    • High precision CMM
    • Large Area Gantry CMM
    • Industrial CT scanning

    Our skills and expertise prove our accreditation. We have metro-logy based certification, which ensures that we may use your data with complete accuracy and reliability. We use the right tools for our reverse engineering process.

    How do we create CAD models

    After we collect onsite or in-lab data and make an assessment. We use specific tools and software for creating CAD models. We ensure with tools that our cad models are in harmony with physical components data. Now we can create detailed sketches and drawings based on this data. Now we use our expertise to develop particular parts and lay necessary print details. We have all the essential knowledge for establishing datum reference frames. Now we use precise tolerance stacking to get the required information for tolerance. All this makes us capable of creating robust high volume engineering components. our expert engineering deportment using these software’s as under:

    • Siemens NX
    • Autodesk Inventor professional 2020
    • Solid Works,
    • Creo or Revit

    Calculating Tolerance  

    It is frequently beneficial to apply usable data for tolerance. In the one-off case or where there are budgeting and scheduling issues, we have affordable solutions. If you need it, we may do away with the lengthy process of tolerance. Where only one design is required to be produced, we do it. We don’t go for inefficient and expensive procedures where there we can save for you. We may digitize multiple components and take an average of data sets. We also use customers’ knowledge for the purpose and rely on our customers internal tolerance data.


    Combinations of the Right Equipment and Experience

    We use the right tools, engineering professional, expertise, and qualification to provide a solution to reverse engineering issues. We know your requirements and come up with your expectations. Our team is creative and proficient in the use of the latest technologies. All this improves our efficiency. We have a seasoned specialist to handle your larger projects. We have all modern data collection tools and techniques. All this allows us to meet your expectations, deadlines, and requirements. We work by translating complex issues into digital models through the reverse engineering process.

    • CAD models to develop instruments for manufacturing setups
    • Creating design transformations in instrument or mold
    • Swapping CAD designs with other CAD systems


    We offer top quality and world-class reverse engineering services to a variety of industries and mechanical solution.


    Please feel free to contact us and see our quality services and reverse engineering specialty.

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