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what is AutoCAD 3D?

Do you want to know the basic features and structure of computer-aided design commonly known as CAD? Are you working on a project and looking to hire a CAD engineers to make a 2D or 3D or model? Nowadays, AutoCAD 3D is very popular with graphic artists, architectural designers, and engineers. These professionals use different CAD software to create blueprints, sketches, 3D CAD and technical drawings, each in their own perspective field.  AutoCAD 3D drawings are essential for builders, contractors, business owners, industrialists, and many more. For example, with the help of these drafts and drawings, mechanical engineers can visualize, analyze and solve possible problems that can occur in a mechanical assembly or product while they are working.

Three-dimensional ideas are also getting an impetus. You may show three-dimensional structures to a competent expert to review. You may furnish CAD renderings in a 3D view and see the animation of a working assembly.

An introduction to CAD world

Do you want to view data in a real-life? It will be better to manipulate, extract, and render in AutoCAD 3D. It helps in rendering robust technical data points. It is the opposite to flat drawing and 2D models and blueprints. Unlike traditional prints, 3D creates a virtual environment.  3D models and rendering have numerous plus points. That is why it is used in almost all professions. You may see AutoCAD 3D usage in your everyday life, from your favorite TV shows all the way to your favorite coffee cup.

What type of CAD design do you need? 


    • In the architectural field, the builders may give a real-life view of the completed project to prospective clients, and the owner may envision his home before it is just in the sketch phase.

    • Product prototypes are very common these days.  AutoCAD 3D designers can give a virtual view of finished products before it gets built in real life. They may address any potential problems that may arise when the product is produced.

    • 3D models are also helpful for civil, mechanical engineers, and electrical professionals. They may have a 3D view of infrastructures and may plan a better system to utilize the resources. It may help in the decision-making process.

    A few decades ago, before the invention of the modern computer and related softwares, there were professional draftsmen, who did all this manually. Hand drew every printout, and all sketches were made with pen and paper. You may think about how difficult the job was. Drafting technicians had to labor hard, and it consumed much time.

    In the beginning phase of the computer, there was still no 3D software, computer-generated drawings were simple and basic. It was traditional two-dimensional designs just like a paper, but it was generated through the computer, also known as 2D CAD


Where we stand now?

 There has been a long journey and evolution process. We have an overview of this long journey. It is a fact that we have reached this developed age of CAD and 3D after a long process. Now it may be beneficial to take a view of history and different methods used to contact the modern systems. We may have additional insight into how craftsmen and artists, designers, and engineers have taken it to its culmination. It will be valuable to have a look at the beginning phase of 3D CAD.

The Beginning of 3D CAD Design

 There has been a long journey and evolution process. We have an overview of this long journey. It is a fact that we have reached this developed age of CAD and 3D after a long process. Now it may be beneficial to take a view of history and different methods used to contact the modern systems. We may have additional insight into how craftsmen and artists, designers, and engineers have taken it to its culmination. It will be valuable to have a look at the beginning phase of 3D CAD.

The Beginning of AutoCAD 3D

The middle of the twentieth century is considered to be a turning point in the history of the 3D CAD. With the beginning of the first drawing, the idea and prospective application of computers took an impetus. The first brain master of the modern design structure was an Engineer named Patrick Hanratty.


 It was the beginning of the CAD software. The user was able to use these incorporated visual sketches. It was an exemplary development that was unprecedented. It was a revolution in computer-based graphics though its nature was still two dimensional.

The automotive industry used these graphics initially, and after further development, it became outdated, and other systems replaced it. In 1970, Hanratty started his own business to develop and offer a new CAD and drafting system.

The dynamics and application of this software were narrow because Henratty had developed the code in programming language and did not outsource. He wanted to use it for his objectives, and there were no programmers as there are today, so he went out of business.

After the first business fiasco, Henratty set up a new company called Manufacturing and Consulting Services. He renamed his software Adam. The software had an integrated and responsive nature. It was beneficial for graphics, drawings, and manufacturing.

He developed the system in everyday language, and he also used vague programming features. He created and optimized the program for available devices of that time. It was a favorable development, and its outcome was revolutionary.

It is widely said that all modern computing drawing and software take inspiration from Hanratty. His Programming code Adam is the base of the contemporary CAD system. If he had not invented graphic design tools and solutions, there would have been no modern CAD system. It is all due to his code, and he may be termed as the father of modern 3D CAD.

The Evolution of 3D CAD Design

With the introduction of the UNIX computer system in 1980, there was another development in the graphic world. It changed all the traditional ideas. There were new computer-based and software aided programs that all the landscape changed. A CATIA like system was invented, and there was an advantage of a new era in computer-based programs. This application was used in the automotive and aerospace industry. A 3D solid model could be produced by first creating a wireframe and then rendering it to simulate a solid surface.

There was still room for something new. Then first, IBM’s personal computers entered the world into a new era of CAD applications. It was something new and innovative.

In 1982, there was another landmark, a new CAD software came into existence. Some computer programmers joined together and made a company that is reputed as Autodesk today and that is HOSS design USA’s primary applications. After a year the group developed its codes, and it was AUTOCAD 3D as we know it today.


The reputed application, which was first in its nature, was developed for IBM computers, and there was again a revolution. AutoCAD 3D has the long-lasting history on AutoCAD 3D and modeling and there was no comparison for it.


As it has been mentioned, CAD was a significant event in computer-based drafting program. The group of programmers working for Autodesk were continuously in search of software that could offer all solutions that other software at that time could not. They also were using the budget-friendly software with very little cost.

In its pursuit of excellency, Autodesk changed all scenarios of CAD programming, and made an affordable software available for all. It had an everlasting impact on the programming industry, and it stuck the other programming firms in two dimensions. One of them is called Autodesk Inventor and that is what we use in our company.

There was still another development. It was Parametric Technology Corporation to develop PRO/ Engineer.

Now there was three-dimensional geometry to aid the drawing world. The foundation of 3D computer-aided drawing solutions was now in culmination. Soon the assembly of engineering and drawing projects became simpler. There were value-based operations to determine different aspects.

UNIX computer terminals were base for Pro/ Engineer simply known as Creo. The PCs of that time had limited processing power and speed. It made the utilization of software a bit difficult. Then another turning point was there.

3D CAD Design Today


AutoCAD 3D software’s are ruling the world of the design. It is the base of the industry of programs and visual systems today. Autodesk still is the champion in the CAD niche. Though there is another market player, the primary leader is Autodesk.

The current AutoCAD 3D has some add-ons, which include: 3D Max, Blender, and SolidWorks. These programs come up to technician needs, and requirements and still offer the solution to a variety of industries. These programs fulfill the specific needs of engineers and architects.

Some software offers a free solution, and you need not pay a penny. These programs have taken the process of designing and 3D rendering to Excellency. They have remarkable and breathtaking services for different industries.


 Companies such as HBO and PlayStation depend on 3D rendering for entertainment and media solutions. There are a lot of other industries that exist due to AutoCAD 3D software. Whether you want to add new rooms to your home or want to process a new product

How AutoCAD 3D can help you with your project

How AutoCAD 3D can help you with your project




 AutoCAD 3D is beneficial in several fields. In mechanical engineering, it has exclusively helps. Here are ten reasons for how AutoCAD 3D may help you.

  • Cost-effective: There are numerous add-on features in 3D cad, which may help in standard designing. These components are solutions to a lot of issues. You need not start from the beginning with this software. It unquestionably saves your costs.

  • Quality feature: You may design top quality sketches and drawings and show it live to your prospective clients. It is uniquely beneficial for drafting technicians. You may use existing templates or create new as per your requirements. In mechanical engineering, you may get top quality prototypes and designs.

  • Excellent documentation: You need not manually draft the documents as traditional drafting. You have the ease of documenting various features of mechanical engineering. Accuracy stands at a high level in 3D CAD. You may record geometries and dimensions of your product with material specifications.

  • Designer’s productivity: At the initial stage, AutoCAD 3D may visualize the mechanical component with 3D CAD. You may make changes where ever you need and on the spot. It saves you time and energy. Enhancement of productivity of designers is the salient feature of this wolrd.

  • Reduction of timing: The faster development of drawings a dream of graphic designers. AutoCAD 3D made this come true. Mechanical engineers now can complete the models in a matter of hours or days, AutoCAD 3D has made it easy for mechanical designers to draw magnificent mechanical components.

  • Standards and quality: Compatibility with international standards is essential, and AutoCAD 3D drawings are per these standards. Different drafting platforms like BSI, CSN, and ISO get support from AutoCAD 3D. As it is compliant with the quality standards of the industry, it improves internal communication.

  • Satisfaction with visualization: Now, your clients are capable of visualizing and taking a full view of the finished product in the initial phase. It gives a chance to make improvements and enhance the functionality of the product in a better way. You may demonstrate the functionality of mechanical components, and even show it on paper.

  • Reverse engineering redrawing: it was trouble for designers to reverse engineer and redraw mechanical products when there was an issue. It is no problem now, thanks to AutoCAD 3D. You may reverse engineer and redraw or sketch as many times as your client says. feel free to contact us for any reverse engineering inquiry.

  • Easy sharing: You may easily share your sketch and drawing with your prospective clients and potential manufacturers. You may give a virtual view of your AutoCAD 3D and improve it in seconds.

  • Data saving: Data and drawing can be saved with just a click, and you may use it for future reference. It saves your time for future drawing problems.




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